Wednesday, April 18, 2012


May I take a little time today, mid-week, to confess my grains?

Sunday was the Avocado Festival and I ate 2 orders of guacamole with chips = corn
Monday I shared a box of mac n cheese and a quesadilla with Squishy = wheat and corn

I have lost 5 pounds in the last week eating only those grains.  I am very pleased but I also kind of feel like I cheated.

I have been great about getting at least 2-3 miles of walking in each day for the past few days.  The kidlets seem to enjoy it, and I know the sunshine and exercise are never a bad combination for me and my mental health.  We are going to head out on foot today to drum up a few more donations for Relay For Life you can click on that link and donate directly to my team! Don't you love technological advances?

I am going to finish my green smoothie before our walk this morning.

What did you have for your breakfast?

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