Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Relay For Life

How has Cancer affected you or those you love?

I am a 20 year Melanoma survivor.  My mom is a survivor, my grandma, my great grandma, and many of my friends are survivors or were survivors.  I have been involved in the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life for 13 years this summer.

This year I am on my local Relay For Life committee gathering corporate sponsorship from my community.  I am running around with my two girls and trying to recruit teams, gather donations of items for swag bags and raffles.  I am enjoying walking into businesses that I normally would not and speaking to new people.  My hope is that this will raise more community awareness and involvement in our event.  Today I met many new people, including Dan at Martial Art Concepts, who generously donated 50 coupons for 1 free month of training for the whole family to place in our swag bags.  His business also is working on a fundraiser for a sweet little girl Hailey and you can visit her web page and learn more about her at HealingHailey.com.

I am so glad that I volunteered this year.  Each day I get to go out into the community and talk to my neighbors.  I love hearing the heartwarming stories, and watching people get excited and involved in this amazing event.  If you have a chance to join a Relay For Life in your community I urge you to.

Relay For Life is a 24 hour team relay event to raise funds to fight cancer and raise awareness of cancer in your community.  It’s also a 24-hour celebration of life honoring cancer survivors. While the Relay is going on, a community party atmosphere emerges through team members camping out, entertainment, food, games, and camaraderie.

What is your favorite cause to get involved with and why?

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