Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Woe Is Me

I have been sick this week but still productive.  Don't you love it when you have a deadline that means you can't just wallow in your sickness?

So our local Bark For Life is being postponed until mid - late June (yay!).  Which means I have much much more time to get vendors and people registered. I can turn this into the huge event that it deserves rather than just throwing it together.  This is a huge weight off of my shoulders.  I feel lighter already.

Our Cancer Survivor's Social is Friday evening and I am so excited that we have gotten 5 large item donations, 4 will become the prizes for the Bingo games we play and 1 will be raffled off to a survivor! Yay, our Swag Bags will have some neat little things like certificates for free frozen yogurt and Relay gear.  This is coming together very well.  And I can be a big enough woman to admit that I was stressing over this more than a little!

Tomorrow a friend and her sweet boys will be coming to San Diego.  Her youngest has a Histiocytosis and is undergoing chemo at our amazing Rady Children's Hospital.  He is only 23 months old, and I beg you to head over and "like" his Facebook page Praying for little Olly.  This little guy is such a trooper and deserves all the prayers, thoughts, and positive vibes the world can send him right now.  I can't wait to see them briefly tomorrow evening.  His sunny demeanor gives me hope that one day we will find a cure for cancer.

On a positive note, I am crocheting myself a stunning scarf to wear with a new black dress that I ordered.  I dyed some gorgeous wool today for a friend, you can go "like" her Facebook page also.  AJ's Handmade Creations sure knows how to take basic yarn and turn it into precious photography props and wearable items for tiny humans.  I am in awe of her talent and I can't wait to see what a masterpiece she creates with her skills and my yarn!  Stay tuned for some photos!

How has Cancer touched your life?

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