Saturday, April 21, 2012

Potty Poopers!

Yesterday I picked up the Purple Potty from my friend Corey's house and placed it in front of the Sheriff's Department like he requested.  The rules are if you donate enough you can pick where it goes next (and believe me, he paid even more to insure against me putting it on his lawn again).  Within an hour of placing it in front of the Sheriff's, the potty was suspiciously missing.

But because of my busy day I wasn't able to make it back over there to chat with them for another 6 hours.  I was mildly freaking out mentally about my potty.  This is not an easy project to accomplish.  It requires sanding porcelain with a low grit sand paper, and it takes a lot of elbow grease to really scratch it up.  Then the painting is a little nerve wrecking because you want it even without drips.  I also stenciled those stars on it because the Relay For Life is symbolized with a moon and sun and sometimes stars.  We had setbacks galore when I stenciled too early and caused the purple paint to bubble up, and the base of the potty broke last week when we set it on our lawn so we had to epoxy that back together.  My husband then had the brilliant idea to mount it to the board to prevent breakage again (have I mentioned that he rocks?).  Then of course we had to repaint it and the board, and let it thoroughly dry before taking it out and FLUSH people.

I arrived at the Sheriff's Department with my 11 month old Frank in the Ergo Baby, holding the hand of 2 1/2 year old Squishy, my camera strap slung over one shoulder and a binder full of information in my other hand.  I was prepared for anything! I went at a luckily slow time of day, and I was met by "Vall" who was *NOT* happy to see me.  She told me that they put my Purple Potty in the trash (more mental freaking out, just not so mild this time!!!) and that the potty had been used "before 9am".  OK, fine, I will deal with that as long as my potty is still whole, I will figure it out.  I inquired about why I never received a phone call, she told me "they were supposed to call you." I then went ahead and politely talked about Relay and asked if she would put up a flier or two in the back and invite any Cancer Survivors she knows to our Social next Friday.

I loaded the girls up in the Jeep and I backed up to the dumpster area in the parking lot.  And this is what I found:

A huge part of me was so thankful to see it still whole! Another part was apprehensive about looking inside, but all I found was the same spider and web that has been hanging out in there for a couple of days.  Nobody urinated in my potty and then I started to feel outraged.  Why would she lie to me? Why would they be such Potty Poopers? Why would they "throw away" my potty? Are they really unable to call a person about their personal property? As you can see I left a sign on my potty, and the sign has my cell phone number and e-mail address.  Now I know that the San Diego Sheriff's Department will dump on fundraisers.

My lovely neighbor was happy to host my Purple Potty after I picked it up from the Sheriff's Department.  I am heading over there in a few to see if they have picked a place to send it to next :) I wish you all a lovely evening.  

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